Gregory Sandstrom. The Courage of Extending Humanity TEDxLCC

Author Information: Gregory Sandstrom, Lithuanian university of Educational Sciences

Sandstrom, Gregory. 2012. ” The Courage of Extending Humanity” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective.


Please refer to:

“Courage to Extend Humanity: Facing the Challenge of Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design”.

From the 24 May 2012 description posted on YouTube: “[Sandstrom’s] TEDx presentation speaks to the debate over innovation of ideas specifically regarding evolution, creation and intelligent design. He asks whether or not science can have the courage to work together with philosophy and religion or worldview to discover where humanity is headed and presents the idea of human extension as a way to promote human dignity, cooperation, altruism and flourishing instead of Darwinian dehumanisation, conflict and struggle.”

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