Bourdieu and Language

Simon Susen serves as the Editor of a Special Issue of Social Epistemology (27.3-4), slated to appear in early- to mid- November, titled “Bourdieu and Language”.

Axel Honneth kindly endorsed the Issue saying the following:

“This is an enormously important contribution to the socio-philosophical study of language. As convincingly demonstrated in this rich collection of articles, we must resist the temptation to reduce language either to its social functions or to its universal properties. Even for those who are not interested in, or unsympathetic towards, Bourdieu’s analysis of symbolic forms, this Special Issue is a must-read. It provides unprecedented insights into the wider significance of the various socio-ontological conditions underlying real speech situations. Put differently, Simon Susen and his critics succeed in shedding light on what really matters about language.”

Please look for the appearance of the Issue by referring to the Social Epistemology website. As always, the SERRC will reply.

Table of Contents

      “Introduction: Bourdieu and Language”, Simon Susen


  • “Bourdieusian Reflections on Language: Unavoidable Conditions of the Real Speech Situation”, Simon Susen
  • “Bourdieu and Habermas: ‘Linguistic Exchange’ versus ‘Communicative Action’? A Reply to Simon Susen”, William Outhwaite
  • “Simon Susen’s ‘Bourdieusian Reflections on Language: Unavoidable Conditions of the Real Speech Situation’ — A Rejoinder”, Bridget Fowler
  • “Response to Simon Susen’s ‘Bourdieusian Reflections on Language: Unavoidable Conditions of the Real Speech Situation'”, Derek Robbins
  • “Unequal Persons: A Response to Simon Susen”, Steph Lawler
  • “‘Shadow Boxing’: Reflections on Bourdieu and Language”, Michael Grenfell
  • “Pierre Bourdieu and Public Liturgies”, Bryan S. Turner
  • “Ontological Bourdieu? A Reply to Simon Susen”, Lisa Adkins
  • “Unavoidable Idealizations and the Reality of Symbolic Power”, Hans-Herbert Kögler
  • “Bourdieu, Language and ‘Determinism’: A Reply to Simon Susen”, David Inglis
  • “A Reply to My Critics: The Critical Spirit of Bourdieusian Language”, Simon Susen

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