Our Year Past, Our Year to Come, Jim Collier

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My sincerest thanks to the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collectives’ contributors and readers for an extraordinarily successful 2014. For the year, our reader views surpassed 53,500. Our views continue to increase both significantly and steadily. Thank you very much for supporting our work.

Highlights, in brief, of 2014:

For 2015:

  • Many of the contributions to the Collective Vision page will provide the basis for our first book, The Future of Social Epistemology: A Collective Vision, to appear in summer 2015. We look forward to the titles appearing our book series this year;
  • With support from Virginia Tech libraries, we will purchase ISBN numbers. With ISBN numbers in hand, we will publish freely available e-books from selected previous exchanges and special editions. ISBN numbers will allow our e-books to be listed on WorldCat;
  • We will revamp and renew our Collective Vision page;
  • We will provide new and additional replies to articles published in Social Epistemology, reviews of books, and new contributions from the SERRC;
  • We will add members to the SERRC. If you interested in joining us (secret decoder ring included!), please contact me—jim.collier@vt.edu. We’re a good group.

We strongly encourage readers to contribute comments to our posts. And we ask readers to propose ideas or projects that can be developed independently, or collaboratively, with members of the SERRC. Together, we will explore, analyze and re-imagine knowledge as a social endeavor. Please contact me—jim.collier@vt.edu—if you are interested.

Thank you for the past year. We look forward eagerly to 2015.

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