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Were you looking forward to giving a paper at a spring conference or meeting where you sought feedback from insightful, engaged colleagues? Concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic have likely changed your plans.

I would like to offer the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (SERRC; as an alternative platform for hosting these conversations.

SERRC hosts open dialogues on matters broadly related to knowledge as a social phenomenon. While the SERRC does not have the tools that would make a synchronous virtual conference possible, we do support creative approaches for developing scholarship through public dialogue. Through these online dialogues, work that might be ready for a conference, say, but not for traditional publication, might be refined through rounds of reply and response.

Some possible approaches:

• A Q&A, in writing, among participating panel members;

• A group discussion based on a central question or claim, a panel abstract, or provocation (such a discussion could generate other, perhaps more formal, content);

• A précis, or argument summary, that would serve as the kernel of a potentially longer post, exchange, or article that could be developed on the SERRC or elsewhere;

• A draft of an individually- or collaboratively- authored piece that could be refined through an online exchange with one or more interlocutors;

• A fully realized article as the basis for a more formal response or reply.

The SERRC exists in a unique, dynamic, and interdependent publishing assemblage with the journal Social Epistemology (Routledge;, and with the book series “Collective Studies in Knowledge and Society” (Rowman & Littlefield International;

If you have an idea or pitch you would like to discuss, please contact Jim Collier ( If you want a sense of the work we support, please refer to our Site Bibliography—

Thank you for your consideration.

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