SERRC, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2020

Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2020

❧ Martin Hinton. “Can Novices be Taught to Choose Trustworthy Experts? Optimism for Reasoning—A Reply to Johnny Brennan.”

❧ Jamie Carlin Watson. “Hunting the Expert: The Precarious Epistemic Position of a Novice.”

❧ Finn Collin. “Neurath’s Ship Meets Social Epistemology.”

❧ Ilia Delio. “The Posthuman as Complex Dynamical Personhood: A Reply to Hyun-Shik Jun.”

❧ Faruk Aksoy. “Rational Voting in European Parliament Elections: A Critical Reply to Wolkenstein.”

❧ Pankaj Sekhsaria. “The Relevance of Lab Studies and STS in a Changed Universe? A Response to Kant’s Review of Instrumental Lives.”

❧ Ilya Kasavin. “Is Science to be Understood as an Independent Value? A Reply to Mark Erickson.”


In and Beyond the Era of COVID-19
❦ John Lamola. “Thomas Hobbes in the Time of Coronavirus.”

❦ Steve Fuller. “Fourth Order Thinking About the Pandemic: A Transhumanist Challenge”

❦ Regina Queiroz. Quo Vadis European Union?”

❦ Gregory Sandstrom. “Design, Evolution and Extension: Facing the Challenge of COVID-19 Together”

❦ Denise L. Davis and Raphael Sassower. “The Academy Under Siege.”

Steve Fuller. “Who’s Afraid of The Post-Truth Condition?”

Cited Media. “The Science Wars.”

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