SERRC, Volume 9, Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 9, Issue 5, May 2020

Articles, Replies, Reviews, and Reposts
❧ John B Min. “If Democracy is a Habit, How Might Citizens Practice It?”

❧ Matthew Goodrum. “Review: How History Gets Things Wrong by Alex Rosenberg.”

❧ David Coady. 2020. “Reply to Neil Levy’s ‘Is Conspiracy Theorising Irrational.’”

❧ Jennifer White. 2020. “Suicidology is for Cutting: Epistemic Injustice and Decolonial Critiques.”

❧ Alice Fox. 2020. “Talking Strategy: Conceptualizing Resistance in Oppressive Systems Through Play.”

❧ Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow. “Some Thoughts on the Relationship Between Scientism and Empirical Methods in Philosophy.”

❧ Kyriaki Grammenou. “Some Demarcations and a Dilemma: Comments on Mizrahi.”

❧ Andrew Lambert. “A Translator’s Response to Reviewers’ Comments: On Li Zehou’s A History of Classical Chinese Thought.”

❧ Mark Coeckelbergh. 2020. “Review of Transhumanism, Nature, and the Ends of Science by Robert Frodeman.”

❧ John Smyth. “The Making of Bullshit Leadership and Toxic Management in the Neoliberal University.”

❧ Eric Kerr. Belonging to the Land: A Review of Bruno Latour’s Down to Earth.


In and Beyond the Era of COVID-19
❦ Des Hewitt. “A Quiet Life: An Essay Inspired by Steve Fuller’s ‘When A Virus Goes Viral—Life With COVID-19’.”

❦ Petar Jandrić. 2020 “Corona-Party at the Ruins of an Earthquake.”

❦ Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman. 2020. “Learning from the Pandemic: Catastrophic Epistemology.”

❦ Federico Brandmayr. “Are the Experts Responsible for Bad Disaster Response? A Few Lessons for the Coronavirus Outbreak From L’Aquila.”

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