Table of Contents, Academic Agonies and How to Avoid Them, Joseph Agassi

Academic Agonies and How to Avoid Them:

Advice to Young People on Their Way to Academic Careers

Joseph Agassi

© Joseph Agassi, Published 2020

Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective

Blacksburg, VA

Edited by James H. Collier


Academic Agonies and How to Avoid Them, Joseph Agassi (PDF 3.2 MB)




1. The Publisher to the Learned Reader
2. The Author to the Hurried Reviewer
3. The Author to the Student Counselor
4. The Author to the Bewildered Reader
5. P. S. My Advice in Brief


1. Anything Wrong? Not Really
2. A View From the Periphery: Academic Mystique
3. A View From the Administrative Office: Academic Business
4. A View From Within: Academic Muddling Through
5. A View in Perspective: Academic Traditions
6. Student Agonies: Classes, Assignments and Examinations
7. Teaching Agonies: Courses and Students
8. Research Agonies: Keeping Abreast, Publication-Pressure, and the Drive for Recognition
9. Social And Organizational Agonies: Colleagues and Administrators; Chores
10. The Aims and Subtle Methods of Academic Intrigue. Or, if You Have a Conscientious Academic for a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy


1. The Tyranny of the Pointless Details. Or, Some of My Best Friends are Pseudo-Scholars
2. Boredom as Pseudo-Scholarship
3. Pseudo-Scholarship as Cowardice
4. Cowardice Masked as Pomposity and Hostility
5. Cowardice Masked as Dedication and Loyalty
6. Cowardice Masked as Humility
7. Cowardice Masked as Responsibility
8. A Favorite Sport: Kicking Colleagues While They are Lying Down
9. The Natural History of Intellectual Courage
10. Intellectual Courage in Education and in Research


1. How to Avoid Professional Mystique Without Loss of Self-Esteem
2. How to Avoid the Academic Chores Without Being Inefficient
3. How to Avoid Memory Work Without Being Ignorant
4. Training in Dialectics, The Supreme Art of the True Scholar
5. Personal Adjustments on the Way to Becoming a Dialectician
6. Social Adjustments on the Way to Becoming a Dialectician
7. Learning to Write Surveys, Articulate Views and Stick Out One’s Neck
8. Learning to Write and Speak With Ease
9. Middle-Range Prescriptions: How to Reform Academe
10. Intellectual Courage and Integrity


1. The Academic and the University Administration
2. The Academic and the Economy
3. The New Renaissance of Learning
4. Specialization and Proliferation
5. Science and Technology
6. Natural and Social Science
7. Science and the Arts
8. The Public, the Educated Lay People, and the Intellectual Elite
9. The Individual and the Academic Community
10. The Open Future


The Aims and Structure of Academe

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