A Brief Reply to Blas Radi from Fernando Rudy-Hiller

Fernando Rudy-Hiller is the Editor of Diánoia Philosophy Review. He offered the following brief reply to Blas Radi’s article “Epistemic Responsibility and Culpable Ignorance: About Editorial and Peer Review in Practical Philosophy.”

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“Regarding the allegations contained in Blas Radi’s piece about the supposed lack of careful review of a paper published in Diánoia about transgender topics, I would like to clarify (as I did to Dr. Radi before he published his piece on the SERRC) that the paper in question was blind-reviewed by one of the foremost experts on transgender topics in Mexico and was found acceptable for publication after several substantive revisions were introduced by the author. Moreover, I invited Dr. Radi to publish his criticisms of the paper in Diánoia, but he never answered back.”

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