Joseph Agassi Webinars: “The Global Crisis Today” and “Fallibilism in Medicine”

The SERRC enjoys a special relationship with Joseph Agassi having published Academic Agonies and How to Avoid Them: Advice to Young People on Their Way to Academic Careers (2020). And, so, we present the following webinars: “The Global Crisis Today” and “Fallibilism in Medicine.” Special thanks to Francis Remedios for bringing these webinars to light.

Agassi – The Global Crisis Today – Webinar from MHCB on Vimeo.

Agassi – Fallibilism in Medicine – Webinar.mp4 from MHCB on Vimeo.

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  1. Very refreshing but a number of these prestigious interlocutors do not seem to grasp what Agassi is saying…
    It is a bit of a problem, too, that there is a lack of Illichian perspective.

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