Knowledge for Breakfast, Episode 1: “Epistemic Shame and Imposter Syndrome”

In this first episode of “Knowledge for Breakfast”, we discuss all things important. Why are we here; what is this show about; and what did we have for breakfast. Once we’ve got the important stuff settled, we chat with Chloe Walls about something we’ve probably all experiences (and probably never enjoyed): epistemic shame.

Episode 1: Epistemic Shame and Imposter Syndrome
Hosts: Fabien Medvecky and Michiel van Oudheusden

❧ What is this podcast about, and why are we here 0.15 s.
❧ Introducing epistemic shame 8.37.
❧ Our Guest, Dr Chloe Walls, joins us 13.13.
❧ Bringing in Imposter Syndrome 18.36.
❧ The Statement: “The world would be better off without epistemic shame”. A debate 37.37.

Speaker’s Background

Dr Chloe Walls is a knitter with a philosophy problem that culminated in a PhD from the University of Otago. She is most interested in the connections between knowledge from the self (namely, memory) and knowledge from others (namely, testimony).

Main Topics

Intro to Knowledge for Breakfast podcast. Epistemic Shame. Imposter Syndrome.

Knowledge for Breakfast (KFB): A Podcast

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