Humanity 8.0 Podcast: Season Two, Episodes 3 and 4

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Humanity 8.0 has just published two new episodes!

❧ Season 2, Episode 3:

Listen to Professor Salman Hameed—interviewed by Ahmed Bouzid—astrophysicist and Charles Taylor Chair and Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. He also directs the Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies (SSiMS). Professor Hammed has published extensively on the intersection of science and religion, especially in the context of Muslim societies, and is a leading voice in the field of science communication. He has also been involved in various initiatives to promote scientific literacy and public engagement with science.

❧Season 2, Episode 4:

In this interview, the conversation revolves around the topic of Space Colonization, with a focus on the current push to colonize the moon by various nations. As Professor Hameed notes, these efforts bring forth some of our current received notions on ownership, cooperation, and conflict resolution. Will the moon, once we are able to routinely travel back and forth to it and from it, be reduced in our eyes to a mere extension of the earth, so that whoever lands there first owns the land and the resources available on it, or should we view the moon as a special place and adopt a radically different paradigm when engaging on issues concerning it? And indeed, can the moon be an opportunity to force ourselves to engage in some fundamentally new thinking?

Main Topics: 

The Moon, Ownership, The Commons, Conflict Resolution, Scarcity, Resource Sharing.


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