Critical Replies

Critical Replies are engagements with articles recently published in Social Epistemology.

On Anticipatory-Epistemic Injustice and the Distinctness of Epistemic-Injustice Phenomena, Eric Bayruns García

The phenomena that compose the epistemic-injustice literature have rapidly proliferated since Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice was published in 2007. The epistemic-oriented approach to analyzing systemic-identity-based injustice that feminist epistemologists and critical race theorists developed (Alcoff 1999; Code 1991; Collins 1990;… Read More ›

The Missing Dimension—Intelligence and Social Epistemology: A Reply to Miller’s “Rethinking the Just Intelligence Theory of National Security Intelligence Collection and Analysis”, Giangiuseppe Pili

In the introduction to The Missing Dimension (1984), Christopher Andrew and David Dilks claim: “Academic historians have frequently tended either to ignore intelligence altogether or to treat it as of little importance” (1). As Seumas Miller observes in “Rethinking the… Read More ›