Critical Replies

Critical Replies are engagements with articles recently published in Social Epistemology.

Habit and Performative Privacy, Ari Ezra Waldman

Garfield Benjamin’s provocative paper, “From Protecting to Performing Privacy” (2020), challenges us to think differently. Where many scholars seeking to reinvigorate privacy do so through new definitions and conceptualizations (Solove 2008; Strahilevitz 2005; Richards and Hartzog 2016; Nissenbaum 2009; Waldman… Read More ›

Civil Service Intelligence Ethics: A Reply to Miller’s “Rethinking the Just Intelligence Theory of National Security Intelligence Collection and Analysis”, Michael T. Collins

Intelligence Collection—like tax collection, courts, Law enforcement, environmental regulation, etc.—is an exercise of government power.[1] Like other exercises of authority, Intelligence Collection must work within constraints (at least in countries bound by the rule of Law). Intelligence Collection is also—alongside… Read More ›