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• The SERRC is pleased to partner with gloknos on matters regarding the “constitution, diffusion, exchange, and use of human knowledges throughout history.”

• Our friends at The Philosophy of Technology Research Group at the University of Birmingham.

Please visit, browse and download articles from the Social Epistemology website at Taylor & Francis Online.

Reply Collective: Tweets from Members of the SERRC. A new edition of our paper comes out each Sunday.

“On the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective”, 4S blog.

• Steve Fuller’s keynote, “Social Epistemology: The Future of an Unfulfilled Promise” (29 July 2014), from the SERRC’s first conference “Future Fundamentals of Social Epistemology”.

• Our friends at Free Range Philosophers.

• Our friends at Daily Nous.

• Our friends at JanusBlog.

Public Philosophy Network.

ENQUIRE (Electronic Nottingham Quarterly for Ideas, Research and Evaluation).

Somatosphere | Science, Medicine, and Anthropology.

How To Think About Science, Part 1 – 24.

Situating Science.

Talking Philosophy.

New Books in Science, Technology and Society at the New Books Network.

“The Ashtray: This Contest of Interpretation” by Errol Morris. See also: “Errol Morris: The Thinking Man’s Detective”.

Daniel Little’s blog UnderstandingSociety. Check out the Contents. And for the meta-reference: Social mechanisms and scientific realism.


• Our friends at the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity.

• Our friends at Interdisciplines.

• Our friends at Public Engagement in Science.

• From David Byrne’s Journal: 12.14.11: “You ‘Da Boss?” Collective Creation. And Excavating an ant colony.

• On November 18, 2011 campus police at the University of California, Davis used pepper spray to break up a peaceful student protest. The incident marks a significant point in the Occupy movement.

On December 4 Jim Collier received an email from Natalie Yahr, a recent graduate from Davis. She voiced support for the fight to keep higher education public. To this end, she reminded the email recipients of her senior radio thesis. Her thesis, aired originally on June 10, 2010, is entitled “Whose University?” As part of Natalie’s “four-act radio documentary”, I was questioned about my views on public education and the land-grant university.

The interview and description of the program is available here and here

Whose University?

• In fall 2006, Jim Collier taught a graduate course—”On the Nature of Academic and Intellectual Inquiry”—which had a broad connection to social epistemology. A group of the students made an intriguing YouTube video. I present “Platonic Objects” for your thought-provoking enjoyment.

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