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Beyond Polemic, Part II: Sandstrom, Riggio, Dufour

Author Information: Gregory Sandstrom, European Humanities University, SERRC,; Adam Riggio, McMaster University, SERRC,;Monique Dufour, Virginia Tech, Sandstrom, Gregory, Adam Riggio and Monique Dufour. “Beyond Polemic, Part, II.” Review of The Science Delusion, by Curtis White. Social Epistemology… Read More ›

Re-engineering Ethics, Kelli Barr and Wenlong Lu

Author Information: Kelli Barr, University of North Texas, and Wenlong Lu, University of North Texas and Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China, Barr, Kelli and Wenlong Lu. 2013. “Re-engineering Ethics: Pushing Philosophy Outside of its Comfort Zone at… Read More ›