Ahmed Bouzid

SERRC: Volume 12, Issue 3, March 2023

Volume 12, Issue 3, 1-65, March 2023 Podcasts ❧ Knowledge for Breakfast, Episode 4: “‘Realizing Knowledge Together’ and Reimagining Academic Futures.” Guest: Jim Collier. Hosts: Fabien Medvecky and Michiel van Oudheusden. Topics: Knowing and academic practice, Social Epistemology Review and… Read More ›

“Humanity 8.0”: A Podcast

Announcing Humanity 8.0: A Podcast Host: Dr. Ahmed Bouzid, CEO, Witlingo To listen to the first eight episodes of “Humanity 8.0”, please go here: ❧ The Humanity 8.0 Podcast: Audio Only ❧ The Humanity 8.0 Podcast: Video If you would like… Read More ›

SERRC: Volume 11, Issue 10, October 2022

Volume 11, Issue 10, 1-50, October 2022 Podcast Knowledge for Breakfast, Episode 2: “Cyborg Epistemology in the Air”. Hosts: Fabien Medvecky and Michiel van Oudheusden. Guest: Ranj Ilangantileke. Articles, Replies, and Reviews ❧ Mazzocchi, Fulvio. 2022. “Valuing Epistemic Heritage without… Read More ›