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Author Information: William Davis, Virginia Tech, USA SERRC,; Martin Evenden, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan, SERRC,; Gregory Sandstrom, European Humanities University, Lithuania SERRC, and Aliaksandr Puptsau, European Humanities University, Lithuania

Davis, William, Martin Evenden, Gregory Sandstrom and Aliaksandr Puptsau. 2013. “Are MOOCs the Future of Higher Education? A Collective Judgment Forum.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 2 (7) 23-27.

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Over the last several months, discussions surrounding the possibilities and pitfalls of massively open online courses (MOOCs) for higher education have continued to grow. These discussions were amplified when “An Open Letter to Professor Michael Sandel From the Philosophy Department at San Jose State U” was published via the Chronicle of Higher Education.

MOOCs as ‘a’ Future for Higher Education
William Davis, Virginia Tech, USA

As a current graduate student aspiring to teach at the university level, the notion that Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are the future of higher education gives me pause. This Collective Judgment Forum (CFJ) question requires us, at a minimum, to address: 1. What higher education is; 2. What MOOCs are; and, 3. What MOOCs can, and should, do. What follows is an attempt at a limited answer, but one that I hope sparks further discussion and criticism on this board. Continue Reading…