Brian Martin

Postmaterialism, Anyone? Brian Martin

Conventional scientific theories can’t explain telepathy and precognition. Nor can they provide a convincing explanation for consciousness. The usual scientific assumption is that the material world is all there is. To explain anomalous evidence, should this assumption be superseded by… Read More ›

SERRC: Volume 11, Issue 10, October 2022

Volume 11, Issue 10, 1-50, October 2022 Podcast Knowledge for Breakfast, Episode 2: “Cyborg Epistemology in the Air”. Hosts: Fabien Medvecky and Michiel van Oudheusden. Guest: Ranj Ilangantileke. Articles, Replies, and Reviews ❧ Mazzocchi, Fulvio. 2022. “Valuing Epistemic Heritage without… Read More ›

Beyond Ego-Dominance, Brian Martin

Contemporary societies have many well-documented shortcomings, but is there a fundamental problem everyone is missing? And how would we go about discovering such a fundamental problem? How about reinterpreting an ancient epic for hidden psychological insights? … [please read below… Read More ›

SERRC: Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2022

Volume 11, Issue 8, 1-99, August 2022 Articles, Replies, and Reviews ❧ Gibbons, Adam F. 2022. “On Epistocracy’s Epistemic Problem: Reply to Méndez.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 11 (8): 1-7. ❧ Reynolds, Iaan. 2022. “Critique Without Normative Foundations:… Read More ›