Reimagining Suicide Research: The Limits and Possibilities of Suicide Cultures, Amy Chandler, Joe Anderson, Rebecca Helman, Sarah Huque, Emily Yue

The ‘cultural turn’ in some parts of suicide studies has long roots (Douglas 1967), and has recently begun to proliferate (Lester et al. 2013). Particularly within sociology, anthropology, and—more recently—critical suicide studies, culture has been and is taken seriously—understood to… Read More ›

“Suicidology as a Social Practice”: A Reply to Tom Widger, Scott Fitzpatrick, Claire Hooker and Ian Kerridge

Author Information: Scott Fitzpatrick, University of Newcastle,; Claire Hooker, University of Sydney,; Ian Kerridge, University of Sydney, Fitzpatrick, Scott, Claire Hooker and Ian Kerridge “‘Suicidology as a Social Practice’: A Reply to Tom Widger.” Social Epistemology Review… Read More ›