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Author Information: Jen Henderson, Virginia Tech,

Henderson, Jen. 2012. The gastronomy of writing: Copenhagen, Denmark October 17-20, 2012. Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 1 (12): 7-9.

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Looking out the window as one descends into Denmark at night feels like looking down on a thin black wafer of metal stitched with copper electronic circuits, the Scandinavian cities glowing even as people sleep. I’d been visiting friends in Finland, people I met when I completed my Master’s degree in English over a decade ago in Kansas. I’d acclimated to the lilt of Swedish vowels and felt refreshed by the jolt of cold sea after my first Finnish sauna. Now I hoped to find in a scholarly conference, the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), multiple and provocative ways way of thinking about my research, which has begun to evolve since I left my primary profession as a creative writer and freelance journalist a few years ago.

I write about the process of constructing tornado warnings within an operational meteorology lab, and I write about the many public perceptions of weather. Like most scholars, I’m passionate about what I do and, perhaps like many scholars, hope my research reaches many different audiences. This is why I have my own blog about weather safety begun when I first started freelancing, and it’s why I’ll soon publish my first e-book. What has concerned me most since I began my studies as a Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech eighteen months ago is a problem of retaining my style and voice, both of which I’ve spent ten years honing even as I transitioned between mediums and audiences. I’ve written for literary journals, e-zines, parenting magazines, and online blogs. And, occasionally, I’ve written for academic audiences. Continue Reading…