A Rejoinder to Zaman, Masudul Alam Choudhury

Author Information: Masudul Alam Choudhury, Trisakti University, Indonesia; Social Economy Center, OISE, University of Toronto, cma@psy.gu.se

Choudhury, Masudul Alam. ” A Rejoinder to Zaman.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 4, no. 2 (2014): 14-15.

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Despite the freedom to express anyone’s views and criticism, any academic responder should know his duty of maintaining objectivity in such responses. Asad Zaman read a few introductory lines, of my paper, which to anyone are fully understandable being in the introduction part. Then, as mentioned by him in his comments, he skips to the conclusion section. This is a pity. It shows the most demeaning academic approach. The commentator’s intent here was to see whether his self-weaning search for citation was reflected in my references. This meant the commentator’s search for the citation of his menial unpublished or low-level publications that appear. 

In all, the commentator knows me well as a scathing critic of his writings. Yet my criticism of the commentator’s writings and email attachment circulations have always been made on substantive academic grounds. The commentator has not accepted such critique in good and mature academic spirit (See my critique of his paper in King Abdul Aziz University Journals: Islamic Economics, 2012).

This fact is further manifest in the commentator’s remark that, the author of the published paper does not know the field of Islamic Economics. Yet he knows well, if he is honest, regarding the original and pioneering academic status that the author holds in the world of Islamic economics and finance in foundational, applied, and comparative perspectives. I hope that he has read my writings with open eyes and mind.

The commentator is found to have no knowledge and respect of the foundational issues of scientific philosophy. This approach engages ontology, epistemology, and phenomenology in the construction of the study of Islamic political economy on the basis of such foundational issues, and in comparative perspectives of the wider field of political economy.

It is obvious that the commentator has no knowledge or respect of the slightest extent of mathematical and analytical exposition of scientific thought. The commentator has failed to be honestly and academically knowledgeable in reviewing my published paper in its sound details.

The paper remains an original contribution along with my many scholarly publications and related global scholarly activities in reputable publications and scholarly forums in the field of Islamic political economy and world-system studies, as originator and thinker.


Choudhury, Masudul Alam. “A Critique of the Paper by Asad Zaman, ‘Crisis in Islamic Economics: Diagnosis and Prescription’.” King Abdul Aziz University Journals: Islamic Economics 25, no. 1 (2012 A.D./1433 A.H.): 181-192.

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  1. My comment merely states that I did not understand the article, and asked for a simple comprehensible definition of the topic under discussion — namely: Islamic Political Economy — I noted that there were multiple definitions of the related topic of Islamic Economics which I had explored at depth, which is why I wanted to see what Dr. Choudhury understands by the term Islamic Political Economy. I am still waiting for this definition.

    I did not expect that this would lead to the author questioning my integrity, scholarship, or intelligence, as he has done. My website asadzaman.net lists my credentials, Those interested in the earlier debate referenced by Dr. Choudhury may wish to look at my rejoinder to his comments, published in the next issue: .

    “Asad Zaman, ‘Crisis in Islamic Economics: Diagnosis and Prescription’ — Rejoinder by Asad Zaman. King Abdul Aziz University Journals: Islamic Economics 25, no. 2 (2012 A.D./1433 A.H.): p. 227-252. This is available from the link below:


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